Some Good News...
OSx360 is now functional on Mac OS X 10.4+ and is a Universal Binary. Test results have verified the software works on PPC and Intel.
After a few days of coding and much helpful testing by Skel28 from, I have successfully made OSx360 run on Mac OS X 10.4 PPC. For some reason, the current release is failing to run properly on 10.4 PPC due to some differences between the two architectures. I have not completely fixed the issue, but I have prevented the crash by a slight work-around. I will be working on getting OSx360 fully functional on 10.4+ as a Universal Binary.
I will release a new build later today after some final testing. It will not be a completely new version, so I am labeling it v0.6 Debug. I would recommend everyone who uses OSx360 to use this version instead due to the additional fixes and the addition of increased logging.
I would appreciate anyone who uses the software to send me your log files regardless if the software works or not. This will tell me what OS version/architecture is working or not.