New Version Delayed...
The new version of OSx360 (that I am now calling v1.0 Beta), has been delayed due to the fact that all the changes that I have been making are taking longer than expected and need to be tested before a release. Some of the new feature include:
-Completely new GUI with toolbar controls.
-Fixed Disc Image reading.
-Fixed crash from invalid Xbox 360 TOC entries.
-User Configuration (Some functionality is disabled until added)
-One-Click Disc Recording (In Progress)
-Open Menu and Open Recent Menu now functional.
-File Types .iso/.000 now associated with OSx360 (can be configured to open from finder).
-Drag and Drop .iso/.000 files onto Application Icon to open.

I am still looking into ripping Xbox 360 Discs from Mac OS X. Unfortunately, it seems that Apple may have prevented this but I will continue to investigate.