Released OSx360 - A Mac OS Native Xbox 360 Disk Image Burner
Last night I was up trying to get a quick application made that will allow me to burn Xbox 360 disk images without the need to modify or patch the files before attempting to burn a disk. I found that the DiscRecording.Framework that Apple's Disk Utility uses has an option to set the L0 Layer Break. As far as I know, there is no Mac application that allows you to manually set this property. After a few hours of searching for ways to code this (I am fairly new to Objective-C and Cocoa), I created a simple app that does exactly what I needed it to. After one burn failure (due to attempting to burn a patched image), the software successfully burned a Xbox 360 image. This morning I decided to spread the word so I can find out if this method works for more people. Please be sure to tell me how the software works for you.