OSx360 v0.5 Alpha Released!
Sorry about the wait... I didn't really know how hard it would be to learn objective-c/cocoa and create a usable program at the same time. Here is my newest release, and although iso checking has not improved much, a lot more has been (mostly compatibility issues for OS X 10.4 and below).
OSx360 now allows you to choose between burn methods. For Mac OS X 10.4 and above, you have the option of Apple's DircRecording Framework or growisofs. For OS X 10.3 and below, you can only use growisofs (due to a limitation in Apple's Disc Recording Framework). The application handles most everything automatically. The media must be a blank DVDR+DL be allowed to burn the disc image. Your drive must be able to burn DVDR+DL media to be able to be selected. If a drive has the appropriate media and is ready to burn, it will be automatically selected for you.

Understand that this program has grown quite quickly and although I believe this application to work well, it still has some kinks to work out. If you would like to help me out by testing the software and reporting your results, it will be much appreciated. If you want stability, I would recommend using OSx360 v0.1 Alpha. I am only releasing this software for test purposes - hence the "Alpha" status.

I will be working on improved stealth verification and improving the growisofs GUI (I have not programmed it to understand burn failures). I will also be working on code optimizing to minimize the likelihood of future code errors.