Minor Bug Report...
Nothing major, but I need to know if anyone else has had a problem with OSx360 where a valid ISO was opened, and a blank DVDR+DL inserted and the burn button remained disabled even with all the conditions met to burn a disc. The report came from a user with 10.4 PPC. It was stated that the Intel build did not have this issue. Similar symptoms can be seen with a non-blank or non-Dual Layer disk, but this is not the case (The RROD will be seen if an incorrect disc is inserted as well as indicated drive status with the issue).

If you have seen this bug, please send me a e-mail with as much detail as possible including a step by step process and your enabled/disabled options. If you can duplicate this bug, please indicate the steps needed to do so.

Verify on Open Enabled
Perform Action on Open Enabled - Burn View
Require Stealth Verification Enabled
Opened OSx360
Opened ISO file by drag and drop on Application Icon
Placed DVDR+DL in drive
OSx360 reported ready to burn, Burn Button Disabled.