Released OSx360 0.4 Alpha
Here it is folks: It's a little more polished and with more stealth checks. I rebuilt a lot of code and optimized it for Mac OS X 10.5, unfortunately prior OS X versions are left out in the cold. I will be working on fixing some memory management issues for you guys, but for now I apologize.
I have fixed lots of the issues I was having with improper ISO validation. Most of those issues are now fixed. Some ISO's may report back invalid when they are not - That just comes with the territory guys! It's only been a week since my initial alpha release. So I added an option to continue even if the validation fails. I would advise not to unless it is an xtreme Xbox 1 disk image. Those have been giving me issues.
I have also added a Log Drawer to view the verification status. It's a little ugly but it will work for now.

Send me any and all suggestions or comments.