OSx360 v0.6 Alpha Released.
Just a quick update to those looking forward to a new version. I hate to put out so many updates, but I think it would be worse to leave you with no updates for over a month even though much progress is being made.
This update is just the tip of the iceberg! OSx360 can now read the full xbox file system (and it will do that when you open an disc image), yet I have not finished the GUI that will allow you to extract the file system. What it can do is check the default.xex for region flags and the MediaID (which is used for stealth checks). That's right! No more burning a disc image just to find out it is the wrong region!
As for stealth checks, with the new features allowing xbox file system reading, the MediaID (located within the default.xex) is now verified against the DMI and SS, and the SS is now checked for the absence of a Hitachi SS.
On top of that, I added a nice new GUI to display some of that data (or just to prove that OSx360 does what it says). Also, a Log file is created in "~/Library/Logs/OSx360.log". It can be viewed with the Console application. More Logs are going to be written in future versions to assist in troubleshooting problems.
Many problems with disc image validation have been fixed, mostly having to do with the differences between Xbox 360, Xbox 1 Xtreme, and Xbox 1 images. Xbox 1 images can be read, but are not readable by the Xbox 360 due the absence of data that was not needed for most modified xbox 1 consoles. OSx360 will not allow these to be burned, but it may allow rebuilding of the iso in future versions.